Monday, March 28, 2011

Biblical Scholars from East and West

(Prof. George Mlakuzhyil., S. J., author of "Christo-centric Literary Structure of John's Gospel" and "Christo-centric Literary Dramatic Structure of John's Gospel", writes)

Biblical scholars in the East and West need to interact much more and share the insights of their research. I have noticed that very few of the Biblical scholars from the West know the works of scholars from the East. This is evident in the books published in the West, since they hardly ever mention Eastern Biblical scholars even in the bibliography, whereas we in the East do discuss the findings of the Western scholars!


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    “New Testament as the Christian Testament; the Writings of the Christian Testament, oral traditions, language used, unique features of Koine Greek, the three cultural and philosophical worlds behind the New Testament; Semitic, Hellenistic and Latin; Semitism, Hellenism and Latinism in the text; use of the Hebrew Bible in the Christian Testament, Manuscripts and the received text, translations and versions, names of the books of the New Testament, the socio-political world of the Christian Testament.”
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